We have often been told, in many walks of life, to walk before we run – in other words, start small and wait until we really feel ready before we try to develop into something big. This kind of advice is repeated often, as it is genuinely wise advice – and, indeed, it applies to attracting customers to your business. If your business is small, you should first try to attract customers from near where your business operates and wait until your company has sufficiently grown in popularity before you start endeavouring to attract customers from further afield. This begins to explain why local SEO is important for the development of your small business.

A crucial difference between small and big businesses

If your business is small, it is more likely to rely on walk-in custom than online custom. A shopping centre, for example, is more likely to rely on customers who pay in person than a major multinational corporation like Apple, which is likelier to depend on customers who pay through the Internet, as such a company would be much more famous worldwide and, therefore, in many places that lack bricks and mortar stores. Walk-in customers of your business are overwhelmingly likelier to be local, rather than national or international, customers and, hence, you should first aim primarily to attract more customers from the local area… at least until your business grows to an extent that it should start setting its sights higher.

You can lay strong foundations for much greater success

Once you have spent much time attracting more customers to your business from the local area and learning many ways of attracting such customers, you will be in a good position to build upon your recently learned knowledge and start attracting more customers from elsewhere in the country or the world.