The team that we at Jumping Spider Media employ for copywriting is trained in journalism – and, indeed, we have already mentioned this on our website. But why should you take heed of this? Why does it make us more capable of crafting copy that can help to enhance the success of your company? We felt that we should dedicate a blog post to answering these questions. The ultimate important point, which we consider worth making right from the start, is that our journalism training means that we have a greater knowledge of how to get your company’s crucial message across.

Our training ensures that we are hugely versatile

People who are trained to work in journalism are trained to be capable of taking on many different types of journalism. A typical day working for a newspaper can involve reporting the latest news about Barack Obama, captioning a photograph of a famous singer at a recent performance and researching several amazing facts about bees for a feature article. In short, because we have been journalism trained, we can write different many types of copy about many different subjects.

We can write copy both well and quickly

We are also capable of working well under pressure. A journalist has to regularly write copy not only to a high standard, but also to strict regular deadlines. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that a journalist never misses deadlines. A journalist simply can’t afford to miss deadlines in the fast-moving world of journalism, where just one delay in publication of a news story could leave that story as – literally – yesterday’s news. Our copywriters can quickly grasp a brief once it has been sent to them and, in the copy itself, include a lot of information while still getting straight to the point that you most want to communicate.