What do your customers want? It’s a question you likely ask yourself on a repeated basis, as knowing an in-depth answer would be crucial to you achieving optimum success in your marketing. So, how should you determine the answer? You could just get straight to the point and ask your customers.

You can do that especially easily on social media these days, as many social networking platforms provide users – including businesses – with the means of posting polls. Here is an overview of the polling options available and why your brand should make extensive use of them. 

How can you start a poll on social media?

Naturally, this would depend on the social media platform where you wish to start a poll. While the polling functionality on some such platforms is limited to groups, other sites let you post your questions in the same place you usually put up status updates. 

Some social networks even enable their users to integrate polls into multimedia features like videos, providing them with obvious subjects on which they could survey their followers. Your business therefore has various polling options at its disposal – so why should you contemplate using them?

Polling is a useful way to spur engagement

We’ve already mentioned what many brands would deem the chief incentive for them to create a poll: being able to learn more about what their customers want. However, online polls are also good for engagement, as they tend to attract more of it than many other types of social media content. 

Whatever you do learn from polling, the findings could inform the next steps you take in your brand’s marketing adventure. 

Our team of social media marketing experts here at Jumping Spider Media can provide crucial assistance, both with the polling itself and how you act on the feedback it helps you to gather. So, why wait any longer to get in touch with us