Whereas members of Generation X probably grew up relying on TV and radio for discerning what products or services they should buy, it’s been a very different situation for the succeeding generation, sometimes known as Generation Y but more commonly as – ahem – Millennials…

Millennials are so-called as they were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, covering the turn of the millennium. It was also during the 2000s that many of the social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which Millennials commonly use were born.

Where should you be putting your marketing money?

It has been stated that roughly a third of Millennials purchase products via Facebook. This probably shouldn’t be overly surprising, given the convenience of the e-commerce platform Facebook Marketplace as well as the personalised content which Facebook, like other social media titans, can serve up.  

Compared to older generations, Millennials also tend to make more purchases through social media. The reasons for this, though not wholly clear, could include that older generations are simply more technologically naive or that social media marketing is more in tune with Millennial wishes.

Whatever the reasons for the greater lure of social media for Millennials, this is undoubtedly a generation you should seriously consider making special efforts to target. Millennials are growing up, progressing in their careers and, along the way, increasing their disposable income.

How can you get started with social media marketing?

Though the rise of social media could be considered very much a Millennial-driven phenomenon, it clearly holds sway over older audiences, too. According to one statistic, 30% of baby boomers – the generation preceding Generation X – still prefer social media marketing to other marketing mediums.

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