The mobile revolution sparked in the previous decade has continued unabated; according to Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report published in August, 33% of the country’s Internet users consider their smartphone their most vital device for getting online, while 19% most favour their tablet. Those are respective increases of 10% and 4% since 2014. All of this has led to a situation where your social media marketing campaign is probably more crucial than ever.

Checking social media is now quicker and easier than ever

Key to the appeal of smartphones and tablets compared to laptops and desktops – which, according to the Ofcom study, have both fallen in popularity as priority devices for Internet use – is that the former devices can be more easily carried around and instantly switched on whenever they are needed. This has made them especially ideal for prompt and regular social media usage; according to Ofcom’s report, 49% of people aged 18-24 check their handsets, often to look at social media messages, within five minutes of waking up.

Social media marketing can stay effective right around the clock

Indeed, thanks to mobile devices, long gone are the days when accessing the Internet was something we only did at very particular times of the day. Now, we can be constantly connected wherever we are – whether we are at home, in a shop, at a party, on a train… the list goes on. This has significantly eased use of social media for catching the attention of potential customers. Nonetheless, you likely could benefit from being taught how to best utilise the such universal use and availability of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks – and that’s where we at Jumping Spider Media come in. We would be delighted to share our know-how with you.