Suffice to say that, on social media, short videos tend to attract more views than their long-form counterparts. Sure, there might be occasions where lengthy videos are desirable or even practically necessary – but, otherwise, you should limit the runtime of your social videos to a minute or less.

That makes sense, if you think about it. Many of us tend to check social media only briefly, on our phones; we often lack the time (and, perhaps, the data package) to stream excessive video. This leaves short video open to make a surprisingly big impact – such as through the following ways…

How can you come up with video content ideas?

You might be eager to scribble down ideas, some of which could essentially write themselves. If you’re about to launch a new product, for example, you could show it in action on video. A particularly technical item, like a kitchen appliance, could benefit from a “get started” video, too.

The latter, along with follow-up tutorial videos, could stay relevant – and, therefore, imminently re-sharable – over years that the product is commercially available. However, you shouldn’t spurn opportunities to inject a little creativity into your videos, too.

Apply a sense of fun to your videos

You can especially easily do that by soliciting the input of their viewers. Consider, for example, how the American biscuit maker Oreo has invited fans to come up with their own flavour combinations. The brand also used video humorously in advertising its Marshmallow Moon biscuits on Instagram.

So, to use an appropriate, biscuit-related pun, it’s – ahem – crunch time. Short videos can work especially well when mixed up with other content, much like the cream sandwiched between an Oreo biscuit’s wafers. Feel free to phone us on 020 3070 1959 for social media marketing expertise.