If you have been keeping an eye on this blog for a while, you will know that we have previously pointed out that surprisingly much about good copywriting can be learned from Peggy Olson, a fictional copywriter in Mad Men, the successful and long-running US TV drama series. We are, then, understandably disappointed that the series is set to end this year. Here, we further clarify why the show will be much missed by us at Jumping Spider Media.

Reasons for us to mourn the end of Mad Men

One obvious reason is that we simply think it is a great show. We seem to be in good company there, as the show has amassed considerable acclaim and a fan base of millions since it began in 2007. We particularly love its authentic depiction of the 1960s; we reckon that the similarities between the principles of good copywriting cited in the series and those of the present day helps demonstrate that it is people, rather than search engines, that promotional copy should be primarily written for. The writers who work for Jumping Spider Media keep this in mind when they put together the kind of copy that your own company could make use of.