There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to garnering a favourable impression on your social media pages. You need to regularly post fresh and interesting content to those pages, resist slipping too much into promotional parlance and keep up engagement with your followers, to list just a few pearls of wisdom.

However, much of this is only applicable if your target customers are already following your social media pages. If they aren’t, how are you supposed to tempt them to hit your page’s ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button in the first place? This is where social media advertising can prove pivotal.

Don’t underestimate how dynamic social media ads can be

To initially catch the right person’s attention on social media, you need to place a suitable message right into their feed – and that’s what social media advertising will allow you to do. This task doesn’t even have to be cost-draining; you could find yourself paying just pennies per click.  

You can expect relatively significant returns from those pennies, however. 59% of consumers source inspiration for purchases from social media, reports Hootsuite, which also indicates that 34% of consumers receive promotional offers through social media.

How to prepare yourself for a social media advertising campaign

What demographics do you wish to target? The answer should influence your choices of social media platforms. While Facebook might seem a good catch-all platform, you could prioritise Instagram ads if you seek to reach under-30s, or use Pinterest to market to affluent women.

You should also think carefully about your budget – but thankfully, social media advertising makes it easy for you to rein in your spending.

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