It’s a common truism that ‘content is king’, and we shouldn’t expect it to lose its throne any time soon. It’s also indisputable that copywriting can sway your website’s SEO – for the better or worse. All the same, though, it’s easy to take an overly technical approach to SEO copywriting.

What are the dos and don’ts of SEO copywriting?

Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: should you pay obsessive attention to those dos and don’ts in the first place? The simple answer is that, no, you shouldn’t – because otherwise, your SEO efforts and even the SEO rankings you have built up could actually be at stake.

Think about it. Ultimately, Google does want you to tick particular boxes with your content. For example, the search giant wants you to amass organic backlinks, as you could do by getting content published on other sites, and increase your site’s tally of social shares.

Google would also look favourably on your website if it reduces its bounce rates and leads its visitors to dwell on its content for longer. All of those are positive signals to Google, but you could struggle to get those signals lighting up in the first place if you lack enough well-written content.

The crucial ingredients of well-written copy

Although you could be tempted to insert particular keywords into your content with scientifically precise regularity, such an approach could leave the language looking overly stiff. That could deter audiences from reading it for long, taking you even further from activating those vital signals.

Therefore, it’s best to principally focus on clearly identifying and solving your readers’ issues – through using conversational language – with your copy. If you’re not certain exactly how to write such copy, our skilled copywriters can do it on your behalf after you ring us on 020 3070 1959.