If you run a company, it is naturally in your interest to keep any negative comments about the company as inconsequential as you can. Of course, if someone disparages your company in their local pub, you are unlikely to need to fret about this, as few people are likely to even learn about it. However, if someone does the same online, the message can spread alarmingly quickly through being repeatedly republished on various websites, including social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. This helps to explain the great value of online reputation management and also the services in such management available from Jumping Spider Media.

Types of negative publicity that could hurt your company

In what ways can your company’s image be damaged online? It is fair to say that there are many ways. For example, someone could publish, on their blog or an online retailer’s website like that of Amazon, a negative review of a product that they have obtained from your company. Alternatively, they could take to an online public discussion space, like Twitter or an Internet forum, and make a comment abusing your company. In any of these cases, the negative publicity could spread particularly quickly if it originally came from a respected – or, at least, respectable – source.

How we can counter damage to your company’s reputation

Once negative comments about your company appear on the web, getting all of those references removed from the Internet can be close to impossible. It is typically much easier to just produce and promote lots of positive articles about the company that, in the search pages of frequently used search engines including Google and Yahoo, push damaging publicity from the first one or two pages. With our online reputation management services, we can do this in a way that isn’t obvious to Internet users.