If your company has a Twitter account, you probably primarily use it to keep your most dedicated customers updated about what’s happening at your business. 

However, you might not have realised that, for reasons such as those listed below, your Twitter activities could be surprisingly beneficial for your brand’s visibility in Google search listings, too.

Your company’s Twitter profile can effectively sum up the brand itself 

Although, when registering a corporate Twitter account, you might struggle to create a Twitter handle that precisely matches the brand name, you shouldn’t panic. That’s because your display name and bio on Twitter can still encapsulate what your brand is about. 

When indexing your Twitter profile, Google will treat its display name and handle as the title tag and pick up on any relevant keywords you include in the bio. 

You can foster engagement with your tweets to get them onto search pages 

How does Google tell which tweets it should feature prominently in its search engine results pages (SERPs)? One way it can tell is by seeing which Twitter accounts are interacted with most heavily. 

If your Twitter output is prolific and sparks many likes, retweets and replies, Google could even opt to display some of your Twitter content through a carousel on relevant SERPs – affording many of your target customers a quick insight into your brand persona.   

Your Twitter hashtags can show up in Google search listings, too 

Hashtags seem to have long transcended their original purpose of simply allowing social media users to cross-reference different pieces of content all related to the same theme. 

Hashtags are now ingrained in popular culture, but remember: where possible, try to use only those Twitter hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Our social media experts can help you with various dos and don’ts of marketing on Twitter. 

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