At this point in time – the year in which Facebook celebrates its 20th birthday, while the microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, now “X”, approaches its 18th – many of us are extremely accustomed to using social media for both the smallest and biggest moments in our lives.

Whether you’re using a social network to rant about missing the bus, or to celebrate your wedding or even the arrival of a new addition to the family, there is a good chance that you do use social media in some way. This conclusion is supported by recent statistics indicating that more than eight in 10 people in the UK are active social media users.

That translates into a seriously hefty number of people to target for your business, even if your business is only interested in potential customers in the UK. In practice, of course, many companies today are extremely multinational in their client bases.

So, the question of whether your own company should have a social media presence will likely be a quick one for you to answer. The same can be said for the importance of having a social media strategy in place. After all, you will not want to waste your organisation’s finite time and financial resources on social media marketing activities that are unlikely to deliver the desired results.

But what are some of the things your brand’s social media marketing strategy should incorporate?

There are a lot of elements that a given company is likely to greatly benefit from having in its social media marketing strategy. But to avoid overwhelming you too soon, let’s pick out just three of those things you should make sure your brand’s social media strategy has:

  • Clear and measurable objectives

This isn’t something specific to social media strategy, of course. With any form of marketing that your brand pursues, you should be making sure you can clearly define what you wish to accomplish.

You might already have a decent idea of what you would like to achieve with your company’s involvement in social media marketing – for example, a higher amount of traffic to your brand’s website, the cultivation of an engaged and loyal follower base, and/or the generation of new leads and conversions.

As for if you aren’t yet sure what your objectives are for your brand’s social media involvement, a good starting point can be to ask yourself why you are looking to launch a social media marketing campaign for your organisation at all. This should help you to start getting specific.

  • A well-defined target audience

Given that the success or failure of your brand’s social media strategy will hinge on your ability to intrigue your target followers and turn them into paying customers of yours, it is fair to say you will need to have a fairly strong sense of who you are targeting.

Curiously, not every brand with a social media presence has actually done this essential work. So, you will want to spend some time thinking carefully about such matters as the age, gender, and financial circumstances of the people you would like to appeal to with your brand’s social media involvement.

You will also want to be sure of what the fundamental interests of those target customers are, and what their goals will be in relation to your own content. This will help put you in the best position to start creating and publishing highly captivating and relevant content.

  • A strong content strategy

We mentioned it above; the content that your brand publishes on its social media profiles will be a further vital element in the results that it gains from its social media marketing efforts. So, a well-thought-out and honed content strategy will also need to be a key element of your brand’s social media strategy.

But deciding on the types, formats, and topics that you judge will work best for your content strategy, needs to involve more than just casually glancing at whatever seems to be featured on your industry competitors’ social media pages.

By looking back at the broader goals that you have for your company’s social media marketing campaign, as well as the target audience information we cited above, you can help ensure your social media content strategy has strong foundations for success.

Would you like to discuss in greater detail some of the ways in which we can help put together an impactful social media campaign for your brand? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Jumping Spider Media today.