You don’t have to look far through this blog to see that we have already detailed how the First World War centenary, which started last year and will last until 2018, can help your website. We have pointed out that Jumping Spider Media could write blog posts that are posted on your website and focus on different interesting aspects of the war. Well, another crucial historical anniversary this year is the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, at which Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in battle for the last time – and, yes, you could similarly benefit from that milestone!

A recap about Napoleon’s last military battle

Do you need reminding of what the Battle of Waterloo was? It occurred on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in what is now Belgium, but was then part of the Netherlands. Napoleon had returned as Emperor of the French in March, following a brief period of exile – but, at this battle, a French army that he commanded was defeated by an Anglo-allied army commanded by the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian army led by Gebhard von Blücher. As a result of Napoleon’s defeat, his empire was once again destroyed and he was sent into his final exile.

Here are our attempts to seriously get your brain into gear

With our blog post about the First World War centenary, we suggested ideas for blog posts that could be published on your company’s website… so it seems sensible for us to do the same for the Waterloo milestone. If your business operates near the Waterloo station of the London Underground, a blog post could draw more attention to the battle that the station was named after. Or maybe your company sells food that has been named after Napoleon – this would give its website an opportunity to mention the battle.