Your organisation’s ability to follow the essential rules of business social media etiquette can say a lot about your brand and its values.

So, to show that your business respects and values its own audience, here are three such rules that we would strongly urge you to follow.

  1. Keep interactions polite and positive

Your firm’s social media presence will be an extension of your brand, so you should be mindful that how you act on social media can affect your brand’s reputation.

This is why it is so crucial to remain polite and professional at all times, while also being emotive enough so that customers feel they can build a relationship with you.

It is also important to keep interactions as positive as possible. If someone is saying something negative and has tagged your brand in it, respond in a constructive way to help diffuse the situation.

  1. Let the customer start and end the conversation

In addition to helping you develop your business’s online presence, social media can act as a key customer service channel. As with all methods of customer service, it is important to let the customer initiate and conclude the conversation.

Once the customer has gotten in touch, try to steer the conversation into direct messaging, as opposed to it being a public conversation. This way, if the customer is in any way upset, it will not be publicised to all your friends and followers. However, you should still let the customer DM you first – never slide into DMs uninvited.

  1. Research the topic and hashtag before you respond

Before responding to anything or anyone, make sure to do your research. This will ensure you don’t make any potentially embarrassing mistakes by using an incorrect term or the wrong hashtag.

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