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How should your brand use Threads – if it does at all?

One of the major themes of the social media “world” in 2023 was unquestionably the emergence of Meta’s “Twitter rival”, Threads. This still-young social networking platform won’t go down in history as one of Mark Zuckerberg’s more original creations, so closely does...

Yes, your ecommerce store’s product pages need some SEO love, too

Product pages – also often referred to as “product detail pages” (PDPs) – are a fundamental part of any ecommerce website. However, you might not have realised how much scope there is to optimise your store’s product pages in order to achieve higher traffic,...

3 tips for writing concise but compelling headlines

Naturally, the headline that you attach to an online piece of content will play a major part in how much attention it attracts. However, a headline longer than 60 characters could be too easily either ignored by web users or cut short by search listings. It is clear,...

3 common SEO mistakes when optimising for voice search

These days, you might make many of your online search queries by vocalising them. Voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are built into many smart devices — and rising in popularity. Every month, there are over a billion voice searches — and this number...

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