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What is digital PR, and how does it support SEO?

As an online business owner, you are likely to be extremely alert to the importance of cultivating a strong reputation for your organisation, online as well as offline. Furthermore, you will probably recognise the importance of taking every possible step to enhance...

It’s a bad idea to do these things with your link-building strategy

We have written in relatively recent times here on the Jumping Spider Media blog, about how link building should still be a key component of brands’ digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts in the 2020s. But is your own organisation accumulating...

In an AI age, you can still give your content a ‘human’ vibe

If it feels to you at times like the world of digital marketing has been upended ever since ChatGPT came onto the scene in late 2022, we can well understand why you might think that. But contrary to some of the hype you may have read, artificial intelligence (AI)...

How can your brand accumulate more Instagram followers in 2024?

With its approximately two billion monthly active users as of January 2024, Instagram continues to be one of the unquestioned heavyweights among social media platforms. Oriented around photos and videos, Instagram has been supporting brands’ efforts to boost...

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