Pah; simply typing your query into a search engine is a bit old hat these days. Actually, that’s not quite true – but it is true that voice search has been gaining popularity lately. This has been especially the case among mobile device users, who often seem to prefer voice search to the inconvenience of having to type on a tiny smartphone screen.

But what is voice search?

Voice search is pretty much what it sounds like – it involves speaking a search query instead of typing it. You can use it yourself by navigating to Google on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, and selecting the microphone function, before speaking a command into your device.

As you might imagine, it’s important to speak slowly, clearly and evenly when using voice search, so that Google can understand exactly what you’re asking for. But with Google having put considerable effort recently into ensuring its algorithm can understand all manner of voices, accents and languages, it’s a less frustrating feature to use than you might think.

So… is voice search the future, or just a gimmick?

If it’s a gimmick, it’s becoming less so with each passing day. More and more customers these days have a smartphone, and more and more of them are opting to use the way of searching – voice search – that feels most natural for the type of device they are using.

Not only that, but Google’s algorithm has been evolving in recent times to better understand natural language, given that what you speak into a smartphone might be quite different to what you may be accustomed to typing into a search engine on your desktop PC.

While text queries are often short and note-like – for example, “book shops in south London” – someone performing a voice search might be inclined to be a bit more expansive or specific, perhaps asking – from a bus stop in Peckham – “What are the best used book shops near me?”

So, if you want to get your own site ready for the increasingly mainstream voice search – and really, we don’t see why you wouldn’t – it’s a good idea to start optimising it now for the various ways in which people naturally speak. Don’t forget to do the same for your videos, too, as it’s not just text-based content that people using voice search are likely to look for.

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