The legendary British writer Rudyard Kipling once remarked: “I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”This statement is worth taking seriously when you consider how many advertising slogans have become firmly imprinted in the public consciousness. Jumping Spider Media can, perhaps sometimes even inadvertently, create slogans that can prove effective for promoting your company. Below are examples of well-known advertising slogans and how they were conceived.


This slogan has been commonly used to promote Aero chocolate bars and clearly refers to the plentiful air bubbles in the chocolate. It was actually created by Salman Rushdie, now best known for his novels and essays, while he was a copywriter. As Rushdie later recalled, a co-worker asked him to help come up with slogan ideas, but was nervous to the point of stuttering, complaining that something was “impossib-ib-ib-ible”- and Rushdie had “one of the very few ping moments”.

“Exceedingly good cakes”

Despite our earlier mentions of Rudyard Kipling and the time Salman Rushdie spent as a copywriter, no, the writer of ‘Kim’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ did not put together this particular slogan! Robert Opie, who owns the London-located Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising, has recalled from his time as a consumer researcher, when the Mr Kipling brand was launched in 1967, that the slogan “fitted the brand”, as the Mr. Kipling cakes “filled a gap in the market – which was for a slightly upmarket cake”.

“Life’s Good”

This slogan used by the South Korean company LG Electronics is actually a backronym; that is, a phrase specially created for an existing word – in this case, LG. That word was originally derived from the name Lucky Goldstar, following a merger between companies called Lucky and Goldstar.