If you are unfamiliar with the concept, search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords can help your website to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more effectively you optimise your website with relevant keywords, the further up the SERPs your website is likely to feature when someone performs a search for these terms.

But then, there’s the concept of ‘keyword gaps’, which refers to queries for which your site might rank poorly, or not rank at all.

Your own website having ‘keyword gaps’ might therefore seem to be a bad thing, as this would indicate that your site’s SEO isn’t optimised as broadly or as deeply as it perhaps ought to be.

However, if you are able to identify certain keyword gaps, this could present your organisation with an exciting opportunity to set itself apart from its competitors.

How can knowing about keyword gaps help your SEO?

By identifying areas where your site is underperforming, you can be better placed to further optimise your landing pages and the content on your site.

Take time to do your research into which keyphrases and words are lacking on your site that rivals in your industry are utilising. If your direct competitors rank for a certain term and your site doesn’t, this could be a great example of a ‘keyword gap’ that you could work to fill.

Creating engaging content around such keywords could work wonders for boosting your site’s rankings in these areas. For an effective, hassle-free solution, the team here at Jumping Spider Media can provide you with useful insights into your SEO, and give you a tailored copywriting service that delivers highly optimised content.  

Check out what your competitors are doing to rank for given keywords – and what they are not doing

For example, if your brand’s high-ranking competitors have incorporated the given keywords solely into their landing pages, you will already know that this technique is successful without having to take the risk yourself.

However, you might also go as far as creating educational blog content around the same subject. This could help cement your brand’s status as a thought leader in its industry, thus giving you a competitive advantage.

For more information and advice, or to see how we might be able to support you in producing SEO content, please don’t wait any longer to get in touch with Jumping Spider Media.