Far from what the Terminator films might have led you to fear, bots are hardly threatening the future of humanity. In fact, they can prove wonderfully useful for your marketing efforts, as the chatbot functionality built into Facebook Messenger demonstrates.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can participate in various stages of the marketing funnel – from grabbing a user’s attention to helping them with completing a purchase.

Send out “chat blasts” for staggeringly high open rates

Did you know that “chat blasting” – in other words, sending out the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously – on Facebook Messenger can bring open rates of up to 80%? This kind of strategy is like email marketing, albeit eight times more effective in its open rates.

Task chatbots with carrying out surveys

After you’ve successfully tempted a customer into, say, downloading a freebie or registering to a contacts list, you can target that person with surveys. Chatbot surveys conducted over Messenger can earn two to three times more conversions than pop-up or email surveys.

This is because completing the survey only takes a few taps within an app already in use; the customer does not have to go too far out of their way to fill in the survey.

Enable customers to make purchases through Messenger

You might not have realised that this is even possible. However, customers can actually interact with Messenger chatbots to this end, along the way providing the name and address for the intended recipient of goods ordered via the software. 

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