One of the major themes of the social media “world” in 2023 was unquestionably the emergence of Meta’s “Twitter rival”, Threads.

This still-young social networking platform won’t go down in history as one of Mark Zuckerberg’s more original creations, so closely does its functionality resemble X (formerly Twitter). However, this didn’t stop it from immediately recording stellar growth – more than 100 million active accounts in a mere five days.

The close connection of Threads to the much longer-established Instagram was almost certainly a key factor in that success. And in early 2024, there is still debate as to whether brands should be greatly involved in Threads if they are generally happy with what may be an existing presence on X, Facebook, and other social networks.

If your business or organisation has decided to get relatively serious about Threads, though, what steps should you take right now to put in place strong foundations for longer-term impact?

Below, we have outlined some suggestions.

Create a Threads account using your brand’s existing Instagram account

Given that – at the time of typing – it is not possible to have a Threads account without first having an Instagram one, it will probably be a wise course of action for your organisation to tap into the benefits of such integration.

Your brand’s existing Instagram profile might have many hundreds or thousands of followers, and a sizeable proportion of them may already be active on Threads.

So, your brand could set up on Threads with a decent captive audience already, instead of having to build up one from scratch (as would be the issue if you chose an alternative “Twitter rival”, such as Bluesky or Mastodon).

Make sure you properly understand your audience

A further benefit of choosing Threads if your business is an established Instagram user, is the opportunity to extract even greater advantage from Instagram’s in-built analytics functionality.

The “Insights” tool within Instagram enables brands to learn more about their audiences, encompassing such metrics as the demographics of their followers, as well as engagement statistics.

Of course, Threads is text-based, whereas Instagram is visual. Nonetheless, given the largely shared audience you are likely to have across those two platforms, these insights could feed usefully into your nascent Threads marketing strategy.

Communicate and engage authentically as a Threads user

You might have heard plenty in the past about how authenticity is important across all forms of marketing – and that’s true. But it seems that a key element of Threads’ emerging identity is, indeed, the authenticity aspect.

During this time when Threads is not yet at the very top of a lot of organisations’ social media marketing priority lists, there are opportunities to engage as a brand on this young platform on a “human to human” level with your followers.

But in order to do so, you must show genuine and deep authenticity through your communications on Threads. You can accomplish this by sharing your brand’s story, thoughts, and values transparently, listening actively to your followers, and responding promptly to your followers’ comments to help cultivate those customer relationships.

Whether or not your brand does ultimately use Threads, the platform looks set to take an intriguing place in the fast-moving digital marketing landscape of 2024. To receive help and advice on how the Jumping Spider Media team can help your brand optimise its impact online, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.