Social media has long been a key channel through which customers discover and engage with brands. But even if you think you’re doing all the right things with your organisation’s social media presence, it’s worth checking out the below tips on how you can optimise your business social profiles to achieve greater impact.

Decide which platforms to use

Just because there are so many social media sites out there, doesn’t mean your brand needs to be active on all of them. Before creating endless accounts, think about which platforms would best allow you to connect with your desired customers.

Take the time to consider which platforms would most ideally serve your purposes, and what kind of content you personally enjoy the most (although this isn’t necessarily the same as what kind of content your target audience would most enjoy, which you should naturally account for, too).

Above all else, you should think carefully about where your target audiences spend most of their time when it comes to social media, as this will largely dictate which platforms you choose to be your brand’s social media ‘home’.

Identify your target audience

It goes without saying that it’s vital to do your research to make sure you’re reaching the right demographics for your business. Not only should you join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, for example, but you should keep a close eye on what others are posting to help ensure the content you publish in the name of your own brand is current and appropriate.

Add value

Although your efforts to grow your business may be the principal driving force behind your decision to have a brand social media presence at all, you are unlikely to achieve as many followers as you could, if you only use the platforms to directly promote your brand and its products or services.

Your target audiences will want to gain something of value from following you on social media. So, you should come up with a content strategy that allows you to show off your area of expertise, while providing information and advice that is genuinely useful for your followers.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, our experts are on hand to assist you with getting the most out of your social media platforms. We can help you optimise your profiles by creating engaging content, developing a community following, and making your brand image stand out to all the right people. Just get in touch to find out more.