There’s both an art and a science to fostering engagement on social media. The science could be choosing the social media platforms which, statistically, your target customers most often use. The art, meanwhile, can be posting the content that encourages them to interact with you.

That arty bit, then, can undoubtedly be tricky. Too often, businesses largely forget about their social media accounts after setting them up, and then wonder why what they do post on social doesn’t attract a rapid flurry of likes, follows, comments and shares.  Here’s what you need to do…

Know your goal and target audience

Knowing these things is crucial because they will inform the thrust of your engagement strategy. For example, a brand focused on educating people should share resources and advice on those social channels, while a creative business could benefit from a quirkier tone of voice than, say, a law firm.

Actually engage – both reactively and proactively

When engaging, you want to foster a two-way dialogue. To that end, you could engage not only reactively, such as by replying to direct messages, comments and @mentions, but also proactively. That’s where you reach out to people who mention your brand indirectly.

Post the right content

As in real life, if you keep trying to spark conversation on social media but get depressingly few bites, it’s probably because what you say just isn’t interesting enough. The onus is on you to spring fun surprises on your social media followers – think hosting contests or inviting viewers to a live stream.

Those are just two examples, but they could help you to better familiarise yourself with your followers and so learn what they really want to see. Our social media marketing team can give you a few more pointers while checking that the search engines are taking notice, too.