About Us

We provide a tailored web marketing service that meets the individual needs of our clients.

Based in Europe

The Jumping Spider Media team are all individuals originally from the UK who now live in the south of Spain, which is why if you want to pop into our offices, you’ll need to be in the Marbella area (but if you are, we’d love to see you!).

The location of our office has no bearing on our service. All of our clients are in the UK or Ireland, we bill in £’s, the team are all British, and there is no impact on our international client base – aside from the fact that lower local operating costs means we can help keep our prices highly competitive when compared to UK-based marketing firm.


We listen to our clients, we advise and we're accountable

We take a friendly, helpful and patient approach to our clients' queries

We take a hands-on approach which engenders a deep understanding of our clients' needs

We'll learn everything we need to know and more about your business and industry

Your most important contacts

As a customer we will be your main point of contacts

Gareth Bushell

Gareth Bushell

Senior Account Manager

Louise Byrne

Louise Byrne

Content Manager

We Know What Works

We provide a tailored web marketing service that meets the individual needs of our clients. While companies may have similar online goals – to gain traffic from search engines, to create a strong brand buzz, to convert site visitors into sales – that doesn’t mean that every company is the same. We understand that. We listen, and we deliver.

Misson statement

We bring together enviable experience and talent with a continuing thirst for knowledge that ensures that we are always at the forefront of an ever-changing and dynamic industry. We take our commitment to our clients seriously.

We will never be a faceless corporation: the size of our company (by design) means we can provide a one-on-one service with access to all of our expert team if needed, with someone on the end of the phone or email whenever you need them.

Leads and Sales

Search engine optimisation is not only about traffic results. It is also important to ensure the traffic driven to your site converts.

Although you know your business better than anybody, our team will ensure they completely understand your product or service, to ensure the traffic we deliver converts into leads & sales.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Once a visitor lands on a website, they will move through that website & ultimately contact or buy a product.

Understanding how that traffic performs & then implementing improvements is also a vital part of our campaign management to ensure ongoing increases in revenue to your business.

Let's Work Together!

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