The world of online marketing is a fast-moving one, and it can sometimes be tricky to distinguish between ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ techniques and those methods or trends that really are built to last. One type of digital marketing that has been around seemingly forever is blog writing – and there are good reasons to expect it to retain huge relevance and impact throughout the coming 12 months.

What are some of those reasons? Well, let’s set out just three for you.

Blog posts remain a go-to form of content – for brands and audiences alike

Not only is blog writing a relatively quick, simple and cost-effective means of creating content for your brand’s website – you basically just need an Internet-connected laptop and a capable writer to craft the content – but it also continues to yield impressive results.

Recent statistics suggest that businesses that blog still enjoy higher lead growth than those that don’t, and that writing blogs regularly could greatly help drive traffic to your company website.

Plus, audiences instantly recognise blogs and blog posts, and are accustomed to them. They know that great blogs impart insightful and actionable information on subjects that are relevant and interesting to them.

And when you outsource your own brand’s blog writing to a trustworthy consultancy like Jumping Spider Media, you can be sure of getting superb-quality content for your site, without having to worry about the need to constantly generate new subject ideas or avoid those dreaded typos.

It’s a great means of building your credibility

When you are looking to promote your business online, you will naturally want your target customers to feel that they can place their trust in you. In other words, you will wish to build a reputation as a credible source of the products, services or advice that your firm specialises in providing. And yes, blogging can be an excellent way to set out those credentials.

Whether you use your company blog to provide your brand’s angle on the latest news stories in its industry, give ‘how to’ advice to readers, spread the word about your latest deals, or a combination of these, writing blog posts can be a potent way to connect with your audiences.

Your blog could significantly support your firm’s growth

As much as we all hate to admit it, the coronavirus crisis has not ‘gone away’, and we can expect COVID-19 to continue exerting its effects on our lives through 2022. But unlike how the last few years may have gone for your business, you will almost certainly want your company to thrive, not just survive. And blogging can be instrumental in making that possible.

Hopefully, we won’t spend quite as much time stuck indoors over the coming 12 months, as has been the case for many of us in the previous two years. But regardless of what course the pandemic takes, and how much we may still depend on online shopping, we will almost certainly be reading a lot of blogs – and among those readers will be members of your target audience.

Yes, a well-maintained and regularly updated company blog can be great for promoting your brand’s products and services in a more direct way. But it can also be a very important part of the puzzle of reaching out to – and engaging – people who may have never bought from you previously. Blog writing, then, could add a lot of power to your longer-term customer acquisition and retention efforts.

So, there you go – a summary of how business blogging isn’t just one of the ‘older kids’ on the digital marketing block, but will also remain highly relevant and impactful for brands during 2022 and beyond. For a more in-depth discussion of how Jumping Spider Media’s expert writers can help you get the most out of it, don’t wait any longer to enquire to our team by phone or email.