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Natural Home Products is a leading online retailer of luxury products for the home that uses natural and organic materials.

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Like so many of the web retailers we’ve talked to, Natural Home Products have gone through a number of SEO service providers without finding one that lived up to the hype, at least not beyond the first month or so. That all changed when we appointed Jumping Spider Media early in 2009, as they set out a clear programme of the work they would do and it continues to happen, to a high standard, without prompting. Not only are we steadily improving our natural rankings, aided by quality press releases and back links, which are also progressively reducing our dependency on AdWords, but Jumping Spider Media have brought a fresh, informed and new perspective to the way we present our web shop and seek to connect with our target market. The package from Jumping Spider Media is well structured and runs to a plan, but is both flexible and supportive to the current needs of our web shop. For example, when I was struggling to load dozens of our product onto the database of a portal site, Jumping Spider took on some of that work for us, so that we could keep on target. Within this spirit of partnership, we now like to include Jumping Spider Media when we are planning new activities, such as promotional programmes for portal sites or the design and launch of an affiliate scheme.

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