Terra Sana

Terra Sana, the nationwide chain of restaurants and catering company in Spain, required a full online marketing service in order to publicise the successful catering arm of its business. Having devised a strategy, their account manager carried out keyword and competitor analysis and created a press planner for the coming months. Within a relatively short time, Terra Sana had seen significant improvement in its website’s positioning in the main search engines and had reached page one for a good number of its keyterms (position one, page one for a particular keyword) thanks to a targeted SEO campaign and wider SEM activities.

What they say....

Stephen Sweeney, CEO and co-owner of Terra Sana Restaurants and Catering, 3 months into their campaign:

“I’ve been very impressed with Jumping Spider Media since they started working on my company’s SEO. The fact that I get a full online marketing service for my money means that I can spread the word about Terra Sana through press releases and articles as well as getting my website higher up the listings.

The quality of the writing is excellent and I like the fact that they are as results-driven as I am. Within a short period of time working for my company, they had done exactly what they had promised: they had got our website on the first page of the major search engines. I also feel comfortable knowing that they are not using any unethical methods and are transparent about the way they work – this fits in well with the Terra Sana ethos.”

Stephen Sweeney, CEO and co-owner of Terra Sana Restaurants and Catering, 6 months into their campaign:

“I was absolutely amazed at how quickly progress was made, not only are we now in fantastic positions on search engines, all areas of our business are covered through a huge range and variety of searches, but we also have an extensive archive of press releases written at an excellent standard. All advertising is good advertising but at this level it is priceless. During a crisis, as we are all suffering financially, it is especially important to continue publicity and via this media you reach the largest possible audience by the most economical means. However it must be done right and it must be done well, for this Terra Sana highly recommend Jumping Spider Media and will continue to utilise their services indefinitely….we are more than satisfied!

I thought that typically a company would do a bit of work at the beginning to get us on the first page and then live off that for a while but they have been publishing non-stop for us for the past 6 months and every article is informative and well written. We have had lots of enquiries thanks to them and booked a number of catering jobs. They have made the crisis bearable! Thank you Jumping Spider.”.

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