Blogging has long been a ‘tried and tested’ way to help increase organic website traffic and boost brand awareness, and it’s still just as relevant and effective today. Although it might seem like an easy task, creating a successful business blog can be trickier than you think.

So, our team here at Jumping Spider Media decided to take a quick look at three simple steps you can go through to set up a business blog – as well as to set it up nicely for success.

  1. Consider what role your blog will play

One of the first things they say about launching a business, is that you must know your niche – that ‘thing’ that will help differentiate your firm from the many others in your sector. Well, you are advised to go through a similar process when it comes to business blogging.

Presuming this will be a blog published on your organisation’s website, you are likely to have certain practical aspirations for it – for example, it being a source of regular fresh content on your site to help bolster your search engine rankings.

But even beyond that, there are certain things to think about. Do you intend your blog to be a source of news in your industry, for example, perhaps with your organisation’s ‘take’ on certain developments? Or might you want to place greater emphasis on ‘how to’ or ‘listicle’ articles, or pieces that more overtly promote your brand’s products or services?

There isn’t necessarily just ‘one’ choice to make here – because deploying a mix of the aforementioned content types on your blog may work just fine, too.

  1. Assess and research relevant topics for your brand audience   

Although your blog’s primary business purpose might be to promote your brand and/or form a part of your search engine optimisation strategy, it also needs to inform and entertain the reader with engaging content. In other words, it must be appealing to actual human readers, instead of simply targeting search engine spiders.

So, before you get started with any actual writing, it’s a good idea to thoroughly consider and research the topics you might discuss on your blog. Are there any particular sources online that you would like to use for information and inspiration? Or perhaps you’re intending your business blog to refer more frequently to your own products, services and areas of specialism?

Going through this process will help ensure the blog posts you eventually write will actually engage your brand’s target audience and begin to establish your organisation as a ‘thought leader’ in its field.

  1. Enlist the help of blogging professionals

Of course, the best way to ensure your business blog is successful is to enlist the help of professional and dynamic web marketers – such as our team here at Jumping Spider Media. We provide a wide range of online marketing services, including SEO and copywriting, that can be instrumental in ensuring your business blog fulfils the objectives you have for it.

Our work on the content writing side, for instance, can help make sure your business blog is written to a high standard that epitomises your organisation’s ‘voice’, at the same time as avoiding any spelling or grammar errors that could compromise your brand’s reputation.

So, if you are looking to create a successful blog for your business, why not get in touch with the Jumping Spider Media team today? We would be delighted to advise and guide you on how our digital marketing professionals could help your brand grow in the 2020s.