If it feels to you at times like the world of digital marketing has been upended ever since ChatGPT came onto the scene in late 2022, we can well understand why you might think that. But contrary to some of the hype you may have read, artificial intelligence (AI) can’t do everything, and you will still want to make sure you are humanising your brand’s online content.

After all, humans like to read about, engage with, and learn from other humans. This element helps to explain why platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and X (formerly Twitter) continue to be so popular – because humans provide consistently authentic and distinctive insights on all manner of topics, borne out of their own direct experiences and knowhow.

So, let’s look at some of the ways in which your brand can continue to present itself with a human face, even in an era in which it might seem that so much is AI-generated:

Consider how your target audience is engaging with you – and produce content that answers their ‘pain points’

As a human, you have probably sifted through many emails from customers, or dealt with queries via “live chat”. Your brand might have also been “@-ed” (that is, mentioned by its @ handle) a few times on social media.

When that happens, what are your target audiences actually saying and asking for? What themes come up repeatedly in their queries, and how can you directly respond to them with answers to their pain points? Doing this well, can send a profound message that you understand your customers’ needs and concerns and are the best-placed brand to help them.

Incorporate personal stories and experiences into your brand content

Human readers love human authenticity, so this is something you should be looking to infuse your brand content with. Sure, you will probably have your own overarching “brand voice” that you wish to convey with your content. However, there should also be some scope for individuals, such as members of your team, to express their own perspectives.

After all, if there is a particular experience that a staff member of your organisation has had, and it is applicable to a piece of content on your site such as a case study, interview, or even a quote in a press release, this is something that mere AI-generated content can’t replicate.

Get your internal experts to provide information and insights for content

Sure – most of the time, your brand’s best experts are probably too busy doing their main jobs to be able to spare much time writing articles for your company blog. But given the genuine expertise such personnel of yours can lend, it is still worth doing everything you can to tap into their knowledge.

One way to do this could be by hiring a ghostwriter, who effectively translates notes that your internal expert provides into engaging content. Once the ghostwriter’s work is done, your internal staffer can read the piece and approve it, prior to their name being added to the final published content.

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