Many of us who spend a decent amount of time online love uncovering “hidden gems”. By this, we’re referring to content that is easy to miss, but that is also highly educational and useful, often due to its incorporation of personal insights and experiences.

Well, did you know that Google has recently been adjusting its algorithm to help ensure such content is prominently placed in search results?

In an age of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools that is often little more than regurgitated information from other parts of the web, such an update is a potentially big “win” for human users who seek meaningful answers to a wide range of queries.

But what are ‘hidden gems’ as far as Google is concerned?

In the context of this recent adjustment to the Google algorithm, the term “hidden gems” refers to when people provide first-hand knowledge and insights on a topic, arising from their own personal experiences, on the public web.

You might have come across such content on online discussion forums, blogs, and social media platforms. Well, Google is seeking to ensure that where such content genuinely answers human searchers’ “pain points”, it is given a good level of visibility when someone performs a relevant Google search.

Can you optimise your content to rank well in response to this update?

The short answer to this question is: yes, you can. However, with it being such a recent update, there is still much for everyone to learn about how to get “hidden gems” ranking strongly in Google search results.

Your company blog could serve as a powerful source of “hidden gems”, if you are able to incorporate first-hand experiences into its content (whether your own experiences, or that of others). Whatever voices are represented in your content to provide the benefit of such experience, their identity and expertise should be made clear.

You might even go as far as building an online forum or Q&A community specifically for your website in order to provide such voices.

Whatever steps you do take as a brand to capitalise on Google’s “hidden gems” update, it is important to remember that while “quick wins” are possible, you should be considering this a fundamental part of your longer-term search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Nonetheless, your commitment and diligence in producing authentic and useful content will almost certainly benefit your brand greatly over the months and years ahead.

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