If you’re a reasonably experienced Internet user – and certainly if you’re accustomed to performing Google searches for all kinds of queries – there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the informativeness and usefulness of Reddit.

A social news aggregation and forum site, Reddit comprises a seemingly infinitely sprawling network of communities – known as “subreddits” – dedicated to almost any and every subject imaginable.

Reddit has long helped human users – and it could bring results for brands, too

Many readers of this blog post are likely to have come across Reddit by using Google to seek answers to any of a broad range of questions.

You might have had your eye on a particular smartphone, for instance, and Googled whether real-world users thought its camera system was any good. Or maybe you were seeking out recommendations for gardening tools, and saw an interesting thread on a subreddit such as r/gardening or r/GardeningUK?

Maybe you noticed such entries in the Google search results, and you clicked through to look at them. If so, you might have been greeted with a list of responses to the thread poster’s query from people who, well… seemed like actual human beings with some knowledge and experience of the subject at hand.

It’s no wonder, then, that after years of largely ignoring Reddit, brands have spent more time lately considering whether the site could have a genuine part to play in their online marketing campaigns. For some of those brands, the answer to that question might well be “yes”.

Reddit-based digital marketing, however, may not be right for everyone

You may have sensed there was a “but” coming in this article – and there is. The fact is, even if Reddit does boast more than 500 million user accounts as of 2024 (a jump of more than 150 million since 2019), it isn’t “just another” popular social network. Indeed, Reddit has long been one of the most challenging platforms to extract marketing success from.

Why is that the case? Well, it is a site that requires a high level of long-term commitment from marketers, who need to be dedicated to becoming meaningful contributors to the communities that help make Reddit so special in the first place.

Authenticity and honesty will be essential from such marketing professionals, if they are to have much hope of using Reddit in ways that help power the growth of the brands they serve.

That might seem like too much risk and hard work for some organisations. However, here at Jumping Spider Media, we wouldn’t wish you to miss out on the potential marketing value of Reddit if it could be the right match to your brand and its ambitions.

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