Operating since the year 2000, the online advertising platform known as Google Ads – formerly Google AdWords – can be an extremely powerful tool for getting more of the right people to know your brand and what it can offer them.

However, if you wish to extract the greatest benefit from this Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing service for your own business or organisation, you need to know a few things about geotargeting.

This term refers to the practice of presenting different online content to different people, depending on where they are physically situated. Or, as it is advertising that we’re talking about in this article, it is about creating and distributing ads to audiences that satisfy certain geographical criteria.

Geotargeting using Google Ads is vital for ensuring you make good use of your finite digital marketing budget. This will help make sure you are not, for example, advertising certain products or services of yours to would-be customers who cannot access those specific products or services in their region.

So, what factors will impact on your approach to geotargeting with Google Ads?

There are various aspects of geotargeting on Google Ads that you will need to consider and get to grips with as you seek to get the best out of this aspect of the platform.

As we referenced above, one major priority will be ensuring your targeting is well-aligned with the actual availability of your brand’s products and/or services in the given region where the target customer will be seeing the ad. In short, if a particular product isn’t available in a given location, it needs to be excluded from targeting.

Furthermore, it is important for many of those utilising Google Ads geotargeting for their brand to ensure geotargets are well-connected to suitably localised landing pages on their website.

Don’t forget, too, to keep a close eye on any variations in your brand’s PPC performance across different regions. This will guide certain decisions that you make going forward to optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads is constantly evolving – and your brand must evolve with it

As we touched on at the top of this blog post, Google Ads has been around for a long time now – more than a generation. However, that doesn’t mean the keys to your brand getting the right results from its use of the platform will be the same as they would have been during the 2000s.

After all, recent years have seen major changes for Google Ads, powered by heightening automation and ever-more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI).

This is highly apposite for those making use of the platform’s geotargeting capabilities, as the most successful people won’t simply leave Google’s algorithms to do all the work – sometimes, there will be a need for them to manually set certain geographical targets. Pursuing the optimal balance between automation and manual control will be a fundamental theme of how you use PPC.

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