In this crazy world, where everything is online, high-tech and fast-paced, spreading the word about your business is both challenging – yet paradoxically easier – than ever before.  Anyone can send an email. Over 250bn of them are sent and received across the globe every day. But your job is to create an email campaign that will stand out to your target audience; otherwise your campaign will become lost and be ignored before it has even been read by your potential clients and customers.
Know your audience…

Your email marketing campaign should strive to reach out to customers and ultimately get them to take notice and action when it comes to your business or product. In order to do this, you need to know your audience, and the different types you want to engage with.

Welcoming any new subscribers is vitally important, as you need to engage with them as soon as possible, in order to build any marketing relationship. But don’t forget about your already existing customer base. They’ve shown their loyalty towards you and will expect you to do the same towards them. If you think it is best, offer separate campaigns to each base of customers. You can learn more about your audience by reading into the demographics and statistics of your company.

Opt for Opt-ins

Opt-ins are a great way for a supplier to reach out to their audience. The most important thing they’ll do is generate a subscriber base for emails, which is obviously important. To have any chance of your marketing campaign achieving what you set out to do, you need to make up the numbers on your email roster. You could encourage users to sign up for your emails by means of an Internet ad or pop up, one that temporarily takes ownership of the page so you definitely get their attention.

Be nice to all devices…

We live in a world where there are more devices than ever.  There are many number variations of devices, each of which allow users online access.  By optimising your email correctly and efficiently, you can reach out to all sorts of people via this medium. If they’re unable to read it properly, on whichever device they prefer, you’ve immediately wiped out millions of potential customers.

Oh, and always finish with a Call to Action, or a CTA. One which brings back your whole point and links the audience to your service or product.

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See? A CTA right there for you!